Ramadhan and Me

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This year's Ramadhan is quite different ... for me. Sounds cliche' ., but yeah, this year is the first year that I experienced 'my Ramadhan' at some places other than my home. They say, first time is always the hardest. In my case, yes, it was hard, considering the fact that I spent the first day of Ramadhan at home, so when I reached my college (4th Ramadhan), there's this sick, itchy feeling of wanting to spend the rest of Ramadhan at home. But then, I kept my head under the pressure (homesick, mid sem exam, quizzes) and went on until .......... I got home last Thursday, which was the last day of my mid sem exam. 

Still, It's Wednesday already and I don't feel like studying ... oh well, exam's over isn't it? The angel on the right says, "Girl, there's this Math assignment and a proposal and 3 lab reports..........so, let's finish those now," . But the devil on the left provokes, "Babe, tomorrow kann Raya .. Just leave it la.., you can always do it later,"


Oh, right. Ramadhan at Kolej Mara Kulim was memorable, to me. I don't want to get into details, but it was not that bad. Rela turun ke Dewan Selera at 5am untuk bersahur. Being a part of Majlis Ilmu. Berbuka di surau. Berbuka di dalam hostel (hehe.... breaking the rules once in a while is harmless..). 

Iftar with Mentor Mentee was incredibly awesome. Delicious food. Capturing moments. Laughing. Sharing. A moment to remember, indeed :)

FYI, for someone who doesn't even like Physics, like me, Allah has destined for me to accept a PHYSICS teacher as my MENTOR (yeap, the teacher that I mentioned in previous post). Honestly, I was terribly horrified when I received that news but um, everything happens for a reason, right? Heeee... 

This time, let's go back to 2012. It's 5 Amir 2012, people! So many stories to share, so little time! Ugh. Ada yang akan pergi ke Korea, US, Russia, etc. The rest study at UIA, UM, UTP, UITM, Matrikulasi, Maktab Perguruan, etc. Whoa. Semua membawa haluan masing-masing. I wish you all the BEST! And please, be yourself because you guys are amazing just the way you are ;) 

p/s: Time, please stop ><


author nad said...

i ada midterm exam lagi 2 minggu. ya Allah... x study lagi! Assignment pun x sentuh T.T

Demona72 said...

Wlupun exam is over... homework pun x sentuh... last minute jgak la ni... mcm biase... last-minute girl..

Anyway, good luck! All the best. Hehe.