Yeap. Today is the FIRST day of Raya. I know. But I'm not going to talk about the first day of Raya. Because technically, when I thought about going back to KMK this Saturday's night, it sorts of ruining my 'Raya mood'. Here I am, blogging in the dark, listening to Demi Lovato's The Middle, realising the fact that I should rise early tomorrow because we'll be having Open House, and it's already 12.40 am. I should make a research about innovation....... a proposal is waiting to be created. I should Google some Cellular Respiration notes, because it was complicated (to me) and the lecture was blurry (again, to me). But hey, I'm not doing any of those ... much. I'm happily blogging instead. Hah. That's me. Typical, I-don't-care me. 

So yeah ................... for someone who doesn't have a chemistry with the ... um, kitchen .. here we go, my FIRST cupcake! Because this cupcake only requires 3 ingredients, FLOUR + EGG + NUTELLA, yeay, I'm baking this! And it tastes ... GOOD (to me. lol). 

NUTELLA cupcake, anyone?

That morning, my mom baked Pavlova (which is really really tasty, sweet, and all good thing that describes desserts) and I asked mom to 'share' her pavlova's whipped cream for my cupcakes. heh.

Whoops. It's almost 1am. Gotta go .. to get some sleep. 


Mutahirah said...

haha. nampak sedap!! ha tepung instant ea? mai pos sini sikit. hee :D

Demona72 said...

Yeap.. kalu suke mkan nutella (who doesn't?) Msti suke mkan cupcake ni.. hehe.

Tepung instant? Kot... kalu ikut recipe, gune all-purpose flour. Tapi sy gune tepung yg utk bake cake tu.. baru la cupcake 'naik' :D try lah!