I don't wanna dance

Okay. That's what HEY MONDAY band says, nope me.
dancing is still a part of me, no matter what.
I dance when I'm stressed out.
yeah, dance like no one's watching.

Conversation of da day:
CHAD: Sonny, will you go out with me?
SONNY: I...I'm sorry, did you just ask me out?
CHAD: I'm sorry didn't you just beg me to?
SONNY: Oh dear, this is awkward.
CHAD: hahaha, Sure is.
SONNY: I was talking about Mc'Kenzie and Chloe, but you seem to be talking...
CHAD: haha.. yep. yep. me, too. same thing. whoo..
SONNY: whoohoo
CHAD: see I just thought you thought I thought it was awkward because you thought I was asking you out. Rather than Mc'Kenzie asking Chloe out.
SONNY: Yeap. But you said Sonny...
CHAD: whooop.
CHAD: So.. You're MC'kenzie fan now..
CHAD: Cool
SONNY: So, yeah.
CHAD: What?
SONNY: I'll go out with you.
CHAD: Good.
SONNY: Good.
CHAD: So, we're doing this.
SONNY: I guess so.
(I edited this script lil' bit)

Sonny is Demi Lovato and Chad is Sterling Knight (as Christopher Wilde in STARSTRUCK)...
Both of them are actors in SONNY WITH A CHANCE!
da sypnopsis of season 2, episode: falling for the falls..

When Sonny becomes secretly addicted to watching Mackenzie Falls, she seeks out Chad to ask him what is going to happen on the show. When Chad misinterprets her questions to be about him and Sonny, rather than a Mac Falls plot line, CHAD ASKS SONNY OUT!

This is so damn sweeet! Both of 'em are technically enemies, but, well, they're in love, hah. LOL. LOL. LOL.
go check this out at Disney Channel or YouTube,,
Chaow for now.
PMR Trial is 2morrow.
huh. huh. huh.
PMR is around da corner, I shoulda start study way harder.

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